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Embedded C++ Conference in Bochum

Embedded C++ Conference in Bochum

emBO++ will take place from 14th to the 17th of March 2019 in Bochum, ruhr-valley, Germany

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Big innovation on small devices

Worldwide there are more than one billion devices that could be thought of as embedded systems. All of them have been programmed at least once in their lives. While most systems still run plain old C-Code, a new generation of compilers, devices and language features encourage us to use more modern C++ in the world of embedded systems.

Efficiency - Coding Style - Safety

Modern C++ allows us to express ourselves better to the compiler and the hardware than ever before. It is our task, our responsibility and our passion to create better IT infrastructure. Out of this passion the emBO++ has been instantiated. A convention for developers, technologists and C++-enthusiasts. Come and join us, and let us influence more than a billion devices!

Meeting the experts on embedded systems

emBO++ is an annual meeting of experts working mainly, but not exclusively, with C++ on embedded devices. Every year in the beginning of spring, the meeting in Bochum should be a fixed event in every programmers or engineers calendar. Join us and help us build a better embedded world for everyone. emBO++ offers a free pre-event, a workshop-day for enthusiastic intermediate embedded programmer and engineers, a conference day for advanced programmers with a discussion-panel in the evening and after-party, as well as a study-group meeting for developing proposals to the C++ standards committee on sunday. Get your ticket for next emBO++ today!


Zentrum für IT-Sicherheit (ZITS)

Lise-Meitner-Allee 4, 44801 Bochum

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